Although it can be somewhat difficult to find, the Pranburi Mangrove Forest Park is a beautiful slice of nature worth visiting .

Just twenty minutes south of Hua Hin towards Pak Nam Pran. Pranburi Mangrove Forest Park is one of the most well-kept nature excursions I’ve experienced in Thailand.  Wooden walkways bend and twist all throughout the forest, making it easy to walk through the beautiful expanse of Mangroves.

The gorgeous scenery, well-kept trails, and close proximity to the beach are just some of the reasons why Pranburi Mangrove Forest Park gets my seal of approval as one of the top attractions in Hua Hin.



Quick Facts: 

Pranburi Forest Park Admission Cost: Free

Approximate Time at attraction: 2-3 hours is good.

Location: 20 minutes south of Hua Hin , towards Pak Nam Pran

What to do in Pranburi Mangrove Forest Park? Why go? 

Mangrove Forest Trail

The trail really is a sight to behold.

The scenery is stunning:  A walk through this dense natural haven will have you grasping for your camera repeatedly. Aside from the memorizing tree-scape, there is also a wide variety of animal life to be seen everwhere. Colorful crabs, giant lobsters, exotic birds, and monitor lizards are just a couple of the really cool things you are bound to see at this awesome Hua Hin outdoors attraction.

Viewpoints & Lookouts: The wooden walking trail is dotted with a couple of high towers you can climb for awesome viewpoints of the surrounding area. Take in the green hills, and the fresh air of the forest emanating below you. The Southern Thailand sky is truly one of nature’s masterpieces.

Cheap & Gorgeous Boat Ride through Mangroves: This was probably the highlight of my trip. About 20 minutes into the forest hike there is a little dock with several boats.

Boats View

Boats just waiting to take you on a swampy mangrove exploration.

The boat guides there offer a 45 minute boat trip through the mangroves. We paid 500 baht for 7 people on the boat. We didn’t try to haggle at all, you might be able to get the price cheaper.

The trip felt a little like we were mud-skipping through Louisiana swamp-country, and it was during this trip where I saw the most varied and extravagant wildlife. Aside from the amazing natural views on the boat trip, we also traveled through a shipyard, and by two hillside temples.

The trip is well-worth the money.

Mangrove Forest Boats

J boats! Pic from the shipyard

How to get to Pranburi Mangrove Forest Park? 

Southern Thailand MB

Just do yourself a favor, and take a motorbike down the backroads of Southern Thailand.

From Market Village in Hua Hin, head south on Petchkasem Route 4.

Keep heading that direction until you see a sign for Pak Nam Pran Route 1019. Head Left, and follow this road along the bend.

Keep heading in this direction. Eventually, you will go over a really sketchy bridge that looks like it’s barely holding itself up. Go over the bridge, and you should reach a hotel called Lawana.

Right in front of the pull off for Lawana is a small dirt road. It doesn’t look like you would be allowed to drive down it, but you are. At first we were unsure, but when a Thai local saw our confused faces, he motioned for us to follow him, and we knew we were in the right place.

Just keep following the dirt road for about five minutes, and you’ll be right in front of the Mangrove Forest Trail.

Pak Nam Pran: A Small Cool Beach Town

When you’re done exploring the Pranburi Mangrove Forest Park, do yourself a favor and head over into Pak Nam Pran for some food or coffee. Do yourself a favor and check out Chabar. It’s an awesome coffee shop right on the beach.

Just follow the roads back towards Route 1019, and you’re bound to link back up with signs that will point you in the direction of the town.

The town is  a bit spread out, but there are signs dotted along all the roads which point in the directions of the beaches there.

Just head towards one of the beaches and you’ll definitely run into one of the many cool restaurants, cafes, or bars situated close to the shore.



A shot of the heavily wooded mangrove habitat

And that’s all she wrote folks. This is a great day trip. We left at noon and we’re back by six, and we were able to see the whole forest, eat dinner, and go get a cafe right on the beach.

Leave a comment if you have any questions.

And by the way, where are your favorite hidden gem spots in Southern Thailand? We want to know!

Thanks for stopping by, and happy trail-blazing 🙂

J. G

Boat Trip

Group Boat through the Mangroves